Rinse our LUMISKIN™ device after each use with warm water and dry it thoroughly.

Do not immerse the device into water. Do not put the device in boiling water.

Store your LUMISKIN™ device in the drawstring bag provided. Keep it dry and clean. Keep it away from high temperature & out of sun exposure.

Before using your LUMISKIN™ device, ensure your device is 100% charged. When your device is fully charged the indicator will transmit a still non-flashing light.

Before charging ensure the battery port and cable are free from water & any wet substance, do not use if the battery port is wet. Do not use your device while it is charging. Do not charge your device for more than 12 hours at a time, remove from charging when light remains still. Do not use your device if it is damaged and never charge with any other charging device other than what is supplied at time of purchase.

Should you experience any issues with your LUMISKIN™ device please take it back to the place of purchase for a replacement or refund. Please retain your proof of purchase. Your LUMISKIN™ device comes with a 1 year manufacture warranty.

– Battery <30% Indicator (yellow or white) twinkles

– Battery <10% Device turn off automatically, indicator off

– In Charging mode Yellow indicator twinkles

– Full Charged solid colour or white indicator on

IPX-7 Waterproof Standard. Protected against short durations of water immersion.

The input voltage of our devices are:
– HANA is 5V
– AVA is 3.7V
– Kasi is 5V

You may charge and use your device worldwide, provided you have an adapter suitable to the voltage requirements.